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Hearing Protection

Brief exposure to an extremely loud noise, such as fireworks or a gunshot, can leave you with a temporary ringing in your ears. But it can also permanently damage your hearing. In addition, exposure to much lower levels of noise but over a longer period of time leads to sensorineural hearing loss. Exposure to noise is a leading cause of hearing loss and this form of hearing loss is completely preventable. Wear custom hearing protection from Rocky Mountain Hearing & Balance to limit your exposure to noise. Whether you enjoy shooting, swimming or motorsports or are exposed to noise at work; we have comfortable protection for you.  

Custom earmolds

Custom earmolds are made from a cast of the bowl and top of your ear canal. They fit the shape of your ears perfectly for hours of comfortable wear. Custom earmolds are made in a variety of colors and styles. Full-shell earmolds may be worn for protection against high-level noise exposure and half-shell earmolds protect against mid-level noise exposure. 

Some earmold models are fitted with a valve that allows safe level of noise to be heard (such as conversation) while blocking out damaging levels of decibels. Custom earmolds may also amplify background noises while blocking loud noises. Electronic and nonelectronic models are available. 

Custom earplugs

Like in the canal hearing aids, custom earplugs are worn in the ear canal. They are made from a cast of your ear canal to fit the contours of your ears perfectly. They may be made of solid or soft material. Custom hearing earplugs are much more comfortable and typically provide much more protection than off the shelf solutions. They are easy to insert and are easily removed with attached handles or cords. 

Hearing protection for hunters

Don’t let a day at the range or out in the field leave you with hearing loss. Hearing protection for hunters can amplify game noise, allow you to hear conversation, and still block the sound of gunfire. 

Hearing protection for swimmers

Water sports can lead to ear infections that contribute to hearing loss. Protect your ears from water with custom earplugs. Easy to insert and remove. They even float!

Hearing protection for musicians

Protect your ears from amplification without distorting sound. Rocky Mountain Hearing & Balance custom makes hearing protection solutions for musicians such as earplugs and in-ear monitors. Perform flawlessly while protecting your hearing.