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What Does It Feel Like to Have Moderate Hearing Loss?

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People often assume that there is only one type of hearing loss, but this isn’t the case. Instead, there are various forms and levels of hearing loss. For instance, you might be experiencing mild hearing loss. This won’t have much of an impact on your life at all but you could still notice slight changes to your hearing. For instance, you might find that you can’t hear quieter sounds quite as clearly as you used to. 

This could include the sound of rain falling outside your window. Or, you could be experiencing profound hearing loss. If that’s the case, then you could notice significant changes in your hearing. This might include finding it more difficult to hear someone talking to you. The majority of people experience moderate hearing loss. While this can change as you age, moderate hearing loss impacts millions of people across the US. So, what is it like to experience moderate hearing loss? 

How Will Your Hearing Change?

People with moderate hearing loss may notice that their hearing has changed. Moderate hearing loss is anything between 41 and 55 decibels. If you have this level of hearing loss, then it’s important to understand how your hearing is going to be different. One example would be the work environment. You might find that you can’t hear noises around you in the typical busy office with this type of hearing loss. 

Essentially, background noise could be significantly reduced and this can be a positive. You may find it far easier to concentrate and focus in an environment like this. Some people with moderate hearing loss actually experience silence for the first time because in the modern world there’s always a noise nearby. With moderate hearing loss, you may not hear a noise like this. 

It could also change how you interact with the tech that you use in everyday life. There’s a lot of different types of tech that could be part of your life these days. For instance, you might use your phone on a daily basis or you could just love watching TV. You might find that you are listening to devices like this at a higher volume than normal and this is usually the case when you are experiencing moderate levels of hearing loss. The difference may not be significant enough for you to notice but people in your life could see the change here and might mention to you that the volume is a little louder than they would have it. 

Will it Change Your Quality of Life?

You might be worried that experiencing moderate hearing loss is going to significantly impact your quality of life. However, this is not the case. There is nothing you could do before that you won’t still be able to do if you develop moderate levels of hearing loss. 

As such, you will still be able to enjoy an active lifestyle and participate in a wide range of different hobbies and experiences. Indeed, some people even find that moderate hearing loss is a blessing because it means that they can no longer hear noises that used to annoy them such as the ticking of a clock. As well as this, there are various treatment options that can be used to boost your hearing too. 

Will You Need Hearing Aids?

If you think that you are experiencing any form of hearing loss, the first step should always be to speak with an audiologist. They will ensure that you get the full support that you need and book you in for a hearing test. A hearing test will determine the level of hearing loss that you are experiencing. This will also be used to assess whether you need hearing aids. It’s worth noting that even people with minor hearing loss could benefit from hearing aids

Hearing aids will simply heighten your hearing and ensure that you can hear noises that you would otherwise have missed. While not always necessary, it can be beneficial to have hearing aids, particularly in certain situations. For instance, if you have moderate hearing loss, then they can help when you are watching TV or speaking to someone in a particularly noisy environment. 

There are also various types of hearing aids. As such, it’s no longer a one size fits all approach. You can get the type of hearing aids that are perfect for you and match your specific level of hearing loss. 

If you are interested in gaining more information about experiencing moderate hearing loss, make sure that you contact Rocky Mountain Hearing & Balance at 801-268-3277. We will be able to help and provide the key details that you need.