LACE helps train your brain

LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement) is an interactive auditory training program that helps develop listening and communication skills to better help complete your hearing care. When paired with hearing aids, LACE can drastically improve your hearing and listening skills, especially in noisy environments such as restaurants. Although you hear with your ears, you listen with your brain. Even people with “normal” hearing can have poor listening skills and miss portions of what is being said. LACE is designed to help individuals compensate for situations when hearing alone might not be good enough.

LACE can help your brain to:
• pick out a voice in a noisy environment
• develop rapid thought processing skills to make up for lost sound
• focus on one voice at a time
• fill in words you’ve missed based on what you know
• remember words that the person is speaking and to predict what may come next

Lace has three product options to fit your lifestyle needs.
• LACE Home Edition Software
• LACE Online

To learn more or to order LACE for you or a loved one, contact our office today!