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TinnitusTinnitus is a very common problem affecting 44 million Americans.  American Tinnitus Association:  Tinnitus (also known as ‘ringing in the ears’) is an involuntary sound. It is only perceived by the individual and not to those around them. The pitch, loudness, and sound quality of tinnitus are highly variable amongst individuals. The degree of tinnitus can be affected by dietary and lifestyle choices. Tinnitus is often an indicator of some degree of hearing impairment. For some individuals, tinnitus can can disrupt daily activities such as work, social engagements, and even sleep.

The audiologists at Rocky Mountain Hearing & Balance work with patients who suffer from tinnitus to create treatment plans focusing on each individual’s needs. This means working together to identify possible causes and triggers in order to help reduce the effects tinnitus can have on the person’s quality of life. The treatment protocol often combines education and counseling with sound therapy. The effectiveness of treatment is highest when hearing aids or tinnitus maskers are combined with a structured education and counseling program.

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