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03 Oct

Speech Understanding in New Aid Up 20%!

Research at Rocky Mountain Hearing & Balance confirms a new study conducted in 2015, at the University of Lubeck, Germany that showed speech improvement of  20%. An automatic function of Phonak’s AutoSense OS, the next generation of automatic hearing aid technology, makes this possible. AutoSense OS seamlessly adapts according to your listening environment and needs,

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20 Sep

Music connects us for better hearing like never before

Music connects us to the to the moments we experience and the memories we create, bringing joy to our lives. Whether you are listening, playing, or creating, music provides enrichment and enjoyment in many different ways to everyone who listens.  We now help music enthusiasts with hearing loss capture music like never before.  The new

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14 Sep

Leading Doctors Treat Single Sided Deafness

Drs. Curtis and Card are pleased with recent success using Phonak’s cutting-edge CROS II hearing device to treat single sided deafness.  Patients no longer adjust their lives to accommodate their diability.  CROS II technology captures speech and other environmental sounds from all around, making the patient’s good ear hear optimally in every listening situation.  To

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22 Jun

ReSound Link2 Now Available in Custom Devices

The new and improved Resound Linx2 is here! This made-for-iPhone device is the second generation of the first hearing aid able to connect directly to Apple products. Linx2 can stream telephone calls, music, podcasts and audiobooks in high-quality sound directly to your hearing aids. Among many new great features, one of the best advancements is

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